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  • Nautical Wall Decor for Kids Rooms – Boats and Pirates

    Nautical Wall Stickers - Boats, Anchors, Buoys

    Nautical Wall Stickers - Boats, Anchors, Buoys

    Grab your nets, because we’re going fishing! This set of nautical peel and stick appliques is colorful and fun. The boats come in different sizes and shapes, and are complemented by decorative anchors, buoys, birds, and sea life.  Each boat is a different bright color, and the lively nautical scene is accented by some fish and crabs who have popped up to say hello.  The wall stickers are removable and repositionable and leave no residue or damage to the walls.

    Pirate Wall Art on Canvas

    Pirate Wall Art on Canvas

    High quality prints on canvas look just like original paintings and use up to 8 inks to achieve rich tonal values and color breadth, ensuring the chunky paint strokes look as realistic as possible.  High-quality prints, such as Pirate Wall Art on Canvas, featuring  a lucky pirate with map, patch and parrot on board about to hit his jackpot, offer adorable wall art for nautical theme rooms for boys.  Colorful and whimsical wall art sparks a child’s imagination, delights their senses and stimulates their creativity and artistic development.

    Personalized Pirate Growth Chart

    Personalized Pirate Growth Chart

    Personalized Pirate Growth Chart also fits well into the  nautical theme room decor and features  one-eyed, one-legged pirate with a parrot on the beach – a colorful functional wall decor for a little kid’s room, that will encourage endless adventure storytelling.

    Growth charts are created on the same high quality artist’s canvas as stretched wall art. They come with grommets in four corners making them easy to hang.  This adventurous pirate growth chart makes a great gift for a child, creates a great childhood keepsake, and rolls up easily for safe storage.  The growth chart can be wiped clean with a soft, dry or slightly damp cloth and should it wrinkle, the backside may be ironed on a low setting with light steam.  Personalized growth charts help create a fantasy room where your child plays a leading role.

  • Fun and Functional Robot-Themed Rooms

    Robot Themed Rooms for Boys and Girls

    Robot Themed Rooms for Boys and Girls

    Kids' Blankets: Kids Reversible Cotton Moving Blankets

    Kids Reversible Blankets

    Kids' Curtains: Kids Dark Blue Curtain Panels

    Kid-friendly Dark Blue Curtains

    Cool and functional robot rooms come into life with Kids Cotton Robot Bedding featuring an army of blue, green, orange and silver marching robots.  Robot bedding coordinates well with Kids Reversible Cotton Moving Blankets that look like funky blankets used by moving companies, except with nice colors and the quality.  The bedding and the blankets are 100% cotton and washable.

    Kids' Rugs: Kids Multi Color Bold Wide Stripe Rug

    Multi-color Striped Rugs

    Kids' Lighting: Kids Dark Blue or Grey Fabric Shade Table Lamp

    Orange Table Lamp for Kids

    Any boys’ room and especially a robot-themed room looks good with  Kids Dark Blue Curtain Panels that are kid-friendly all cotton, including cotton-lining, and machine washable as well.  A good looking, good quality and contemporary Kids Multi Color Bold Wide Stripe Rug, made from a blend of Indian and New Zealand wool, is attractive and practical.  The unassuming style of the Orange Table Lamp helps ensure it will be around the house for many years to come.  Available in many color options, this lamp easily coordinates with different decors, making it a perfect fit for any room.

    For a fun robot-inspired wall decor try these fun, hip, and colorful Build Your Own Robot Wall Decals.  Legs, arms, chest plates, eyes, faces, and antennas can be combined in multiple configurations to create at least four large personalized robots. And because  wall stickers can be repositioned at will, you can experiment over and over again.

    Robot Wall Stickers

    Robot Wall Stickers

  • Sports – Themed Bedroom – Basketball, Football, Baseball and Soccer

    Sports Bedding Set - Basketball, Football, Baseballs and Soccer

    Sports Bedding Set - Basketball, Football, Baseballs and Soccer

    Kids' Throw Pillows: Kids Red & White Baseball Theme Throw Pillows

    Baseball Theme Pillows

    Bring the game home by decorating a fun sports-themed room that is perfect for kids who get caught up in the excitement of the game. Creating a sports-themed bedroom is easy with 100% cotton, machine-washable Kids Sports Bedding Collection Set, which features a printed collage of basketballs, footballs, baseballs and soccer balls.  Coordinating throw pillows include Kids Red & White Baseball Theme Throw PillowsBasketball Throw PillowsKids Soccer Throw Pillows or  Football Theme Throw Pillows. These colorful throw pillows coordinate well with blue, red and green furniture, bedding and comforter.

    Kids' Clocks: Kids Football Sports Wall Clock

    Football Theme Clock

    Accessories include  Kids Football Sports Wall Clock, sports-themed lamps, rugs and accessories.  Colorful sports wall decals apply with the ease of peel-and-stick application and can be removed or rearranged without leaving any residue on the walls.  Sports wall stickers can be personalized with a child’s name or can be used as a sports self-adhesive large mural – a tribute to their favorite sport.  There are numerous designs of wall decals for kids who love baseball, football, soccer, skateboarding, snowboarding or surfing.

    Personalized Sports Wall Decals - Peel-and-Stick

    Personalized Sports Wall Decals - Peel-and-Stick

  • Space-Themed Rooms Decorating – Planets and Spaceships

    Outer Space Wall Stickers - Planets and Solar System

    Outer Space Wall Stickers - Planets and Solar System

    Creating a space-themed bedroom is easy with colorful Space-themed Wall Stickers for kids rooms.  These self-adhesive removable and inexpensive wall stickers allow the children to create their own Outer Space scenic mural and rearrange the stickers whenever they are ready for a new adventure.  The stickers make a big impression in the room without the commitment of wallpaper or paintings on the walls.

    Solar System - Space, Sun and Planets Bedding for Kids

    Solar System - Space and Planets Bedding for Kids

    For a stronger impression invest in Kids Blue Solar System Bedding, including out-of-this-world Solar System quilt featuring eight official planets orbiting the sun, and matching Kids Solar System & Planet Throw Pillows.  Room colors are primarily navy blue, light blue, red, orange, white and, of course, bright yellow. Window treatments in a solid color will usually work well.  Orange is a complementary color to dark blue and enhances  a space-theme bedroom.

    Personalized Growth Chart - Planets in Space

    Personalized Growth Chart - Planets in Space

    There are numerous space-themed accessories, for example, Personalized Growth Chart – Planets in Space, that is both decorative and practical.

    Complete the look with space and astronaut memorabilia, space-themed clocks, wall art, posters, and glow-in-the-dark stars and planets on the ceiling.  The decorating project can involve researching relative sizes and positions of the planets in the solar system, or adding a map of solar system to the wall.

    Chances are that a child that would enjoy a space-themed bedroom already has a lot of spaceship, rocketship and astronaut toys, games and books that will fill in this space-themed room that will provide years of enjoyment and stimulate imagination and curiosity about outer space exploration.

  • Sports-Theme Rooms for Boys

    Sports Cut-Out Rugs

    Sports Themed Rooms for Boys - Bedding, Rugs, Window Treatments

    Creating a cool and functional room for a sports fan is not a difficult task with the right background colors, sports-theme bedding and accessories.  Typically walls, floors and background colors are  primarily blue and brown with hints of red, green and orange.  Accessories, like sports cut-out rugs for kids (football or basketball) and matching sports ball chairs create a unique sports-theme atmospheres which will make your sports-themed bedroom a favorite hang out spot for sports-crazy kids.

    To create a comfy bed in the same theme try Play Ball Percale Bedding and matching Play Ball Panel and Valance to complete the look.

    Sports Ball Chair

    Soccer Ball Chair, Baseball Chair, Basketball Chair for Kids Rooms

    Play Ball Panel and Valance

    Sports Theme Window Treatments (Baseball, Soccer, Basketball, Football) Valance and Panels

    Cozy quilt and throw pillows, sports-themed lamp, iron wall decorations and letters, sports-themed wall stickers and, of course, all the sports equipment that sports-crazy kids accumulate in their rooms will guarantee there will be no doubt a sports fan lives there.

  • Nautical-Theme Room – Red, Blue and White

    Nautical Theme Boy's Bedroom - Red, White and Blue

    Nautical Theme Boy's Bedroom - Red, White and Blue

    A modern and understated nautical room with navy blue furniture, white wooden floor and red accents.  The central element of the theme is Nautical Bedding, including a fresh red and white striped quilt, nautical printed sheets and clever throw pillows.  Life Preserver Nautical Throw Pillows for Kids make the bedding set fun and interactive.

    Kids' Lighting: Kids Handmade Nautical Theme Buoy Lamp

    Nautical Theme Lamp for Kids Rooms

    The base of the unique Nautical Theme Lamp is handmade and hand-distressed cedar buoy and shade features an eastern seaboard depth chart. Navy Blue Kids Bed creates a modest and understated look while simultaneously strengthening the naval theme of sea adventures.  Blue paint on the walls, maps, flags and nautical illustrations will complete a simple but classy nautical room that encourages dreams of maritime travel.

  • Nautical Theme Rooms – Boy’s Bedroom

    Boy's Captain Room - Nautical Theme Decorating for Boys' Rooms

    Boy's Captain Room - Nautical Theme Decorating for Boys' Rooms (Source:

    The first step in creating a nautical theme in a boy’s bedroom is, of course, the color theme. Dark and light blue colors should dominate, in addition to all shades of brown, white and beige. Red accents can fit into the nautical theme, but should not be too bright or too obvious. Blue and white stripes on the walls or window treatments will add to the marine feel of the room by reminding of the sailor’s uniform.  Wooden floor is a perfect match to the nautical decor and also the most eco-friendly and easy to clean option.

    Blue Room for Boys - Nautical Theme Decor

    Blue Room for Boys - Nautical Theme Decor

    What gives this particular room a nautical feel is an interesting window treatment that creates an illusion of a sail flying in the wind, as well as nautical accessories – fishing net, ship models, clocks, and nautical wall decor.

    Aquarium with exotic fish would fit perfectly in such a room, inspiring imagination and storytelling of sea travel, adventures and far away lands.

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